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We love Dr. Kivney and her staff! They treat our pets like family and always have their best interest at heart!

Kate O.

I absolutely adore Heritage Animal Hospital. Dr. Kivney and Dr. Pulido are so down to earth and passionate about all the animals they treat. No matter where I move in Houston they will always have my business. They have excellent staff and kind hearts and have helped work through some skin issues My dog has had and are quick to see her if she has a flare-up. They’re always attentive and great at following up- they call, send letters, and will call several times to make sure you are able to get the routine care your pet needs. They also routinely call to check in on your pet after an appointment and are so caring. The staff is really nice as well. Wonderful place overall!

Heather E.

Excellent Care and Service every visit. Always very kind and very helpful and professional.

Steven P.

This is the best vet ever! Dr. Kivney is awesome, and she truly cares about your animal. She is knowledgeable and does thorough exams. The staff is always courteous and helpful. Both my dogs and my cat are big fans as well.

Denise S.

They see both of our dogs here and they have been great. My dog suddenly started having seizures and they were so genuine and empathetic. Got us in right away, I was so thankful for them being there for me and my dog.

Rachel S.

One of my dogs developed a condition several years ago that caused us to almost lose him. The emergency care staff at another location managed to keep him alive for the weekend. We took him to Dr. Kivney the following Monday, and she quickly and accurately diagnosed his condition. My dog is doing great and still acts like a young dog (even though he has reached 10 years of age). I take him to the vet about every two months for bloodwork and a shot. ALL of the staff have been great, and my dog is not afraid of any of the staff. He actually tries to follow them into the back.

Brandon S.

The Heritage Animal Clinic has been a part of my life for approximately 20 years. We have had dogs and cats that were an integral part of our family. Dr. Kivney has been a mainstay not only through the best of times but also steadfast during our most difficult happenings. There was a time her practice was not far from our home. Our German Shepherds occasionally snuck out of the yard and walk to the clinic. The clinic would call us and keep them safe until we could pick them up. Dr. Kivney and her staff are professional, caring, and loving staff that create an atmosphere where our animals feel comfortable and safe. I highly recommend this clinic and staff for all the needs of your pets (and pet owners too).

Darlene S.